What we do

Photon Architect Design Lab is a conceptual laboratory of architect and design specializing in hospitality projects.

Our mission

Photon Architect Design Lab is a conceptual laboratory of architect and design specializing in hospitality projects. The Lab has creative view and innovative approach, bold spatial solutions and attention to details. Building strong connections between the architecture, design, psychology and visual communications makes Photon ADL one of the best studio among other in the same field of activity in Central Asia.
Photon ADL is currently branching out into public and administration sector with several high profile projects under development.

3 main stages in the process.




Developing a pre-project proposal in accordance with technical solutions and wishes of the costumer. Forming up a set of documents for coordination with the costumer and Central Department Architectural Design: Explanation letter, a draft outline of the master plan, planning solutions for each floor, 3D, facade in axes.




A set of docs needed for further construction.




Master-Plan: linking project buildings and other miner architectural buildings on the land to greening, driveways, and sites (no landscaping included).

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Architectural construction part: Façade Passport, façade in axes, planning solutions with descriptions that show spaces, project building in a cross-section, the statement (worksheet) of exterior building.
Reinforced concrete or metal constructions: foundations, divide walls, monolithic belts, stairs, and other featured constructions of the project building.
Technological part of the project: Plan for locating furniture and equipment, equipment and installation device specifications.
Heating and Ventilation systems: location plan for HS and Ventilation equipment, 3d scheme for HSV. Installation equipment and material specifications. Inter or running water network and sewerage: Plan for interior sanitation and sewerage networks. 3D water-running system and sewerage. Installation equipment material specifications
electrical solutions
Basic and one-line electrical scheme. Plan of electrical equipment location (outlets, lighting, panels).
From 4 to 10 working weeks (depending on how many square meters and complexity of works.

The project process



01 stage
  • Laying out objectives or performance specifications with a client.
  • Working at client’s site for measurement.
  • Measurement plan with attached engineering services.
  • Detailed floor plan (1version) with conceptual montage, defining design and style preferences of a client.
  • Redesigning a floor plan including communications.
  • Approval a furniture plan and plumbing equipment and signing an act of implemented work.


02 stage
  • Visualization of a space with selected materials and furniture from brand shops.
  • Making and adding corrections by the will of a client (this stage might require some corrections on deadlines).
  • Final visualization with a client and signing an act of implemented work.


03 stage
  • Plan for dismantling walls and divide walls.
  • Plan for mantling walls and divide walls.
  • Corrections on a planning solution according to the factual measurements after mantling walls and divide walls.
  • Plan for placing of power sockets and drawoff points.
  • Plan for placing a lighting equipment.
  • Plan for placing on and off cluster switch.
  • Plan for temperature regulated system of floor and heating equipment.
  • Floor plan with a floor level indication, a type of material used on the floor, drawings and measurement.
  • Sectional view of the floor with indication names of materials used (sketches could be one more, it depends on the level of work complexity).
  • The key plan for floor coating with floor space measurement and marking of goods.
  • Sectional and a full view of walls with décor elements (sketches could be one or more it depends on the amount of décor elements).
  • Ceiling plan markups with indication of materials used, blocks, details, and sectional views. (the number of sketches could be more then one, it depends on the level of work complexity).
  • Celling layouts (molding and types of materials used).
  • Ventilation and conditioning adjustment plan.
  • A full view of walls with the list of used materials and measurements and marking of good and space.
  • Customized items and non-standard architecture elements.
  • Marking window and doorways.
  • Finishing materials specifications.
  • Furnishing specifications.
  • Signing an act of implemented work.

Author’s support

We are planning and monitoring the progress of the repair and construction works. Our team will help you to avoid all of mistakes, speed up the process and pass through all the stages of construction.


Author's supervision is the following:

Designer takes a visit to the site once a week (duration on the site not more than 4hours) for supervision or shops visiting for materials and furniture selection. Additional visiting could be if urgent control needed.
Making additional corrections on the worksheet after old divide walls have been dismantled and new ones erected, and if floor, walls and ceilings have been leveled.
Control and consultations given during installation and interior setup works.
Control and consultations on works on the site at each stage.
Submitting the list of brand companies for purchase goods as a business proposal.
Designer, with the customer, make the list of materials, furniture and interior elements for purchase (floor, wall coverings, joinery, ceramic tiles, plumbing, electronic and lighting devices, cabinet and soft furniture, art decorations, accessories, textures and other).

Due Dates

Author's supervision starts and finishes according to the contract signed by both parties. If construction works are not finished according to the due date, the additional contract is to be signed.